'Killzone: Mercenary' Brings Big Screen Action To The PS Vita

September 10, 2013

As the war between the Helghan Empire and the ISA rages on in Killzone: Mercenary, you play as hired gun, Arran Danner, a former soldier whose skills are desperately needed by the planet of Vekta. As the ISA gives you jobs, you start to realize that everything about the war is not as black and white as it seems. Pick up your PS Vita, and step into the boots of Mr. Danner as he delves deeper into the fiction of one of Sony's most beloved franchises. This console quality portable game helps to show off the full potential of the PS Vita, whether you're trudging through the campaign, or squaring off in the multiplayer, making the decision to go to work as a merc an easy one.

Developer: Guerrilla Cambridge
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Guerrilla Cambridge, formerly known as SCE Cambridge Studio, have worked with some of Sony's biggest names in the past, including porting LittleBigPlanet to the PSP and the creation of the MediEvil series. This is their first Vita game, but it's not the first time that they have worked on Killzone, contributing some work to the PS3 classic, Killzone 2, so this isn't their first rodeo with the Helghasts.

Killzone: Mercenary is set shortly after the events of the original Killzone, and just before the events of Killzone 2, as it revisits some of events that these other games have touched upon. Players take on the role of Arran Danner, a former UCA soldier who now works as a mercenary, with the ISA footing the bill... at least that's how the game begins. Danner steps right into the middle of the growing war's biggest conflict, and ends up playing a key role as he sets out to find the Vektan Ambassador's son in the PS Vita's first full-fledged, console-quality, first-person shooter. The game helps to fill in some of the gaps in story, while encapsulating the intense firefights that the Killzone franchise has been known for all in the palm of your hand. Also included is possibly the most robust multiplayer FPS experience ever on a portable console, as you take your skills from the campaign and go head-to-head with other mercs from around the world.

The Killzone franchise is one of Sony's biggest first-party games, so it's pretty clear that Killzone: Mercenary is only going to be appearing this on the PS Vita. You can grab the retail release or the digital version, and keep it stored on your memory card to jump in and out of the game as you please. Just make sure you've got a few GBs or memory free to enjoy Danner's adventure, as Mercenary is a hearty download.

The PS Vita is an outstanding piece of hardware, and Killzone: Mercenary helps demonstrate why. From the outstanding graphics, to the intense online matches, Mercenary showcases some of the best features of the Vita, as it allows you to take this stellar game, which could have very easily found itself on consoles, with you on the go. While there seems to have been a bit of a drought for AAA quality Vita games, Mercenary will hopefully lead the charge as the tides turn. Whether you're a Killzone fan, or just a Vita owner looking to justify their purchase, making some money as a merc in Killzone: Mercenary is a great way to showoff the promise of Sony's impressive handheld gaming device.