Ton And Allen Take Off In A Jet Plane

July 22, 2011
The boys headed north to Ontario this week . . . Ontario, California that is! As the Auction Hunters landed about an hour north of Los Angeles, they couldn't help but remember the Ontario Speedway, leaving them hoping that there were plenty of gear heads using storage units. After all, these gear heads have lots of disposable income and their spouses aren't big fans of keeping their husbands' "toys" at home.

Twenty-six units on the line this time around, it appeared as if Ton's tattoos were intimidating the competition, except for one guy aka "Money Bags." After 'Money' picked up nine out of twelve rooms in a short run, Ton and Allen were determined not to lose an interesting looking "A.C" unit. It was a battle of wills and the Hunters managed to take away the room for a sizable $1300. True, they only managed to pick up two rooms this week, but you never know. Remember, all it takes is a room and a dream!


Sold For: $525

When the guys took their camera finds to their buddy, Eric, the first one out of the box was less than exciting. A camera from the 1930s, current value - $25. For the Hunters to make their money back they knew they'd have to do better than a dig worth only a dinner and a movie, if you go to McDonald's and catch the matinee that is. As they went down the line it was one cheap, easily available camera after another. Would the guys be able to catch a break on the final camera in the box? As they wheeled out a Korona camera made by Gundlach they soon realized they had something unique. Being in great shape with an original bellow intact, and dating back to the early 20th century, this camera was something reporters would take out into the field; even the Wright Brothers once used it. All in, Ton and Allen took home a decent chunk of change. Not their biggest haul, but they all can't be.


Sold For: $9,000

Ton and Allen brought their expert a foam jet. Yeah, not impressive. Maybe just a couple of hundred bucks in the bank. Oh, what's that? You've got another model airplane, Ton and Allen? As the inspection of their model jet plane began it was quickly discovered that their plane had at the very least a $4,000 engine! Talk about power. Now, Ton wasn't about to get permission to fly the big boy plane to see how well it could perform. He did however get to tool around with the foam jet, and well, it didn't end well. However, once the engine powered up on the "real" plane, you knew that this baby was bringing home the cash, and it did just that, making their unit purchases well worth it.Earlier this week we ran our weekly Facebook match up, this time between the cameras and the jet plane, and honestly it wasn't even close. We couldn't fool our fans. The jet plane, as expected came out on top with the most votes.

Ton and Allen ended up making Ontario think it was actually in Canada the way they threw done in the auctions this week. They took a risk on only getting two rooms, and also paying a healthy $1,750. However, with them able to come through in the clutch with the jet plane and the Korona, they walked away with $10,825 in sales and a final take home of $8,475. How'd you do?

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