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Fall Into The Bro Man Blog

by Robbie E   September 26, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 7,417

What's up, bro? I'm back this week with another Bro Man Blog, and I am so psyched. It's fall, bro. It's getting colder out, snot-nosed little bros are back in school, it's even snowing in Montana! No more summer! Well, don't fret my bro, fall is an awesome time of year. Here are some good things to look forward to in the fall.

5- Winter Hats - I love wearing winter hats, bro. You can get all kinds of sweet different colors.  My main Bro Man Jessie and I love to wear the ones with the long ears. They are just chick magnets and the Bro Mans rock them well. We're so dope!

4 - Uggs - Something about chicks in Uggs boots, bro. Just so hot, especially when it's just Uggs and underwear. YEAH, that just happened. Booom!

3 - Hot Cocoa - Love getting all snuggled up with a chick and watching a movie with some cocoa when it's cold out, bro. Even Robbie E likes cuddling sometimes and the right girl can really make this perfect. Especially if she is only wearing Uggs and underwear. Yeah buddy, that just happened again!

2 - Less Sweat - One thing about me is I sweat a lot, bro. The girls say it's because I'm so hot, but really it's because... yeah, really the girls are right. But as it gets colder I can cool off easier and not sweat so much. I hate being hot!

1 - SWEATERS, BRO. SWEATERS - Hello! I love wearing sweaters, bro! Now that it's colder I can bust them back out. Plus Jessie will look way better than that half ape, part party machine Bigger Rob ever did, bro.

Until next week... Ohhhh... This was the bro man blog, bro.

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