Tween Boys vs Teen Girls

February 9, 2011

Super Long Range

Atlatl and Spear vs Camping Bow

Edge Bow

Long Range

Model 693 BB Gun vs ???

I need help here.I can't think of a good long range weapon.Please Help.

Medium Range

BB Pistol vs Needle on Broomstick

Edge Pistol

Close Range

Knife and Karate vs Nail Polish Poison

Edge Knife and Karate

Special Weapons

NERF Titan vs Cell Phone



(I promise this will make the tournament finale make some sense)

3 Tweens,John,George and Mark were in their clubhouse.We need to eliminate our sisters from this Mark said.Right.They threatened to call the cops like 3 times.Said George....Alright.Al take the knife,atlatl and Titan.George gets the Pistol and Rifle,and Marke gets the Titan Pistol and Knife.Let's GO!Said John.John Ludger.

The Teens had been doing a private makeover session when a BB from the rifle hit the wall.Kelly(No reference to deadliestwarriorkelly on SPIKE) said,Shoot.They struck now,of all times.The girls went their ways.Kelly drew a bow from her closet and saw a sniper,George.An arrow went in,but another BB came in and both died.

TB:2 TG:2

Rest done later.This blog has no references to anyone except maybe me.