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Spike's Comic-Con All Access is back covering all the big news and big names at Comic-Con International: San Diego! This year is all about letting the fans #ControlTheCon, and we're opening the polls for you to cast your vote for the 2014 Game Changer of the Year.
Last year "Walking Dead's" fan super-favorite Norman Reedus took home Spike's Comic-Con All Access Game Changer of the Year for his fantastic work as the crossbow wielding Daryl Dixon and being an instrumental part of the show's success.
This year's candidates range from transformative showrunners, to the weavers of the tapestry of the Marvel cinematic universe, House of Stark's rising badass, and the man behind Batman's New 52 origin story. The winner not only walks with the title but also the coveted trophy, specially designed by comic legend and toy maven Todd McFarlane! A game changer in his own right, we're proud to say that his latest creation will be revealed in San Diego when we catch up with Todd himself. Have a question for @Todd_McFarlane? Tweet them using #ControlTheCon and we'll get them answered!
Cast your vote, send your questions and tune in for the big reveal on Thursday, July 31st at 11/10c. There can only be one Comic-Con All Access Game Changer of the Year, and it's up to YOU to decide!
Nic Pizzolatto, True Detective Creator / Writer – Courageously doubling down on the anti-hero, elevating and transforming the mini-series format, all while making his bones as a show runner.
Jeph Loeb / Kevin Feige, Marvel – Creating the ultra-crossover project; tying in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Thor, Avengers, Captain America, One Shot ++  
Mike Judge, Silicon Valley – I smell a come-back… from both ends. Very smart comedy. 
Bryan Fuller, Hannibal Showrunner – Re-imagining one of horror's most nefarious players with "Hannibal," one of TV's best thrillers.
Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones – Representing the remaining House of Stark proud as Arya Stark, and being one bad ass social-media-ite.
Scott Snyder, Writer – Taking on and re-establishing the origin of Batman in Zero Year, and further bending the mythology of Batman in the current mega-series, "Batman Eternal".

Voting is now closed. Tune in Thursday, July 31, to see who won.

Check out last year's Game Changer, Norman Reedus, accept his award:

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