Flash Gordon is in the Works

by Reverend_Danger   May 22, 2008 at 10:45PM  |  Views: 96


The success of Ironman (thank god) has catalyzed several major studios to option characters and stories that they can eventually turn into franchises. Many, logically, are comic books. Sony, recently, secured Flash Gordon. 

Variety says that already onboard are the director from Sahara (which was a sandy delight even if Mcconaughey wasn’t) and Neil Moritz.

This should be pretty awesome.   Wired says that it’s what inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars.  If we mix Star Wars (the real ones, not the cgi bile of late) with Ironman*, this is a film I can get behind.  


*Nothing against Star Wars, but you could cross Ironman with my own grandma’s sex tape and I’d have an extra-large popcorn in hand.  Robot grandma sex is STILL robot sex.


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