Deadliest Warrior Idea

February 12, 2010

You know I see many ideas for Deadliest Warrior, Chuck Norris, tournament style, but I haven't seen an idea for Apache versus Aztec. That's something I'd look forward too. Just think about it, The first Guerrilla style warrior versus the greatest native people in the Americas. It would be almost as good as Genghis Khan versus Atilla the Hun. I mean the Apache warrior facing off against the Aztec Jaguar Warrior, where can you go wrong? I wanna know what you think of that idea, so please comment.

Edit: I honestly think I didn't give enough details on how this would be a great battle. These guys are polar opposites, one is the stealthy, hit you when you least expect it guy, while the other is the stand your ground and fight guy. A weapon I know will make it would be the macuahuitl, which in numerous occassions decapitated horses when the Spanish arrived. A weapon I know will be the medium-ranged weapon would be the tepoztopilli, which Conquistador Bernal Dìaz del Castillo said pierced his steel armor, only his wool underlaying saved him.