Korn Guitarist Gets Message from God to Save 50 Cent

September 9, 2009

Former Korn axeman-turned-born-again-Christian Brian Welch has apparently received a message from the man upstairs that he needs to help out New York’s own 50 Cent with his spirituality.

Welch has gone officially gone public that he is now trying to "save" 50 Cent after God recently told him to get into contact with the MC.

Welch, who quit Korn in 2005 to give his life over to Christianity, believes he had no choice but to write a letter to Fiddy in the name of Jesus.

Welch tells Examiner.com, "I felt like he (God) told me to go to 50 Cent and write a letter to him, and tell him Jesus wants to save him.” The insanity did not end there:

I was like, 'Alright, God!' And I went and found his jeweler. I bought some diamonds off of him and I gave him a note and he was like, 'I'm gonna go see 50 in, like, three days...' I go, 'Give him this note.' It was a long letter, saying Jesus wants to save him.

That was pretty intense. I think Brian needs to follow the leader into psych ward immediately. Although it would be pretty hilarious if 50 denounced "the game" and became a hardcore Christian rapper. One can only dream.

Source: Denise Truscell/Getty Images