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The Top 10 Greatest Horror Movie Weapons

by dsussman   September 28, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 12,286


5. Axe

Source: Producers Circle/Perrigrine Productions

Anytime I see an axe I think of The Shining. Period. Even though it’s been utilized in various ways throughout almost every film genre, the “Here’s Johnny” scene in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece instantly added the axe to the horror hall of fame. Another one of the more memorable axe cameos in cinema is when Christian Bale slaughters Jared Leto in American Psycho. Besides his brutal chopping skills at the end of the scene, Bale’s wacky dancing to Huey Lewis and The News’ “Hip To Be Square” really helped this murder become truly memorable.  Kickin’ some axe is always epic.


4. Fangs

Source: Warner Bros.

Fangs just might be the most overlooked horror movie weapon on this list. The reason is basically because compared to a machete or kitchen knife, most people wouldn’t think of fangs as a killer's main weapon of choice. First off, we have to take into consideration that vampires are hands down some of the most famous horror villains of all time. A lot of people out there would probably say they’re the characters that helped launch the entire genre. With that said, handfuls and handfuls of victims have been laid to rest by these legendary pointed teeth.

From Nosferatu to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, I doubt anyone out there can name a deadly movie tool that has inflicted as much carnage as a vampire’s fangs. Even though they don’t leave much of a gory mess, fangs always do the job perfectly.


3. Freddy Krueger’s Glove

Source: New Line Cinema

The second I saw the beginning of Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddy was making his razor-clawed glove, I knew I had to get my hand in one of them as soon as possible. Freddy’s glove is easily the most iconic and recognizable piece of killing equipment on this list as far as I’m concerned. It’s also one of the most unique. Just when you thought you'd seen everything, Englund was using his deadly film prop in ways you never thought possible. The guy just had a knack for adding creepy details to his psychopathic alter ego. Without his glove armed with razors, Freddy Krueger would never have made the impact he did.


2. Chainsaw

Source: Vortex, Inc.

From Leatherface to Evil Dead’s “Ash” Williams, the chainsaw is one of the most iconic weapons ever to hit horror screens. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the greatest horror film ever made, single-handedly made anyone instantly terrified the minute they heard this portable mechanical cutting device firing up.

The modified chainsaw Ash uses as his hand in Evil Dead 2 changed the game though. Just when you thought the chainsaw couldn’t get any cooler, Sam Raimi decided to attach it with clamps to Ash's severed wrist and a cult superstar was instantly born. This allowed our horror hero to decapitate demons like he was cutting through warm butter.

We also have to give Dennis Hopper some love for his chainsaw-wielding work in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. RIP.


1. Butcher's Knife

Source: Sony Pictures

Here it is in all its glory. The classic of all classics. As far as weapons in the horror genre go, no killing utensil is more popular than the butcher’s knife. The famous shower scene from Psycho put the butcher's knife on the map, but John Carpenter was the demented f*** that made it what it is today.

When we all first feasted our eyes on the classic opening scene in Halloween where Mike Myers slashes up his fifteen-year-old sister, there was no doubt that after that epic moment, this kitchen knife would go hand-in-hand with every single slasher film that came after it. More than any other weapon on this list, the butcher’s knife has always been looked upon as horror’s OG instrument of death. Sure, fangs and stakes may have killed a few dames well before the butcher's knife came into play, but this epic blade screams horror like no others can.


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