What are your thoughts on closed captioning?

April 8, 2010


I just finished reading a post that Ari Herzog wrote on AriWriter.com about a reality TV show that Marlee Martin is producing called "My Deaf Family" about a deaf family living in California.

While you may not know Marlee by name, if you IMDB her, I'm pretty sure you'll recognize her face. Marlee has an incredibly impressive filmography. She's been in everything from "The L Word" to "The West Wing". She even sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLI in 2007. However, as Ari writes,

Despite her credentials and expertise on deaf issues, an internalization she can relate, Marlee’s reality show was rejected by television broadcasters because of an assumption that primetime audiences wouldn’t appreciate watching closed captioning. That’s you. Would you appreciate it? Keep reading…

To read the rest of Ari's article (and to see the pilot for Marlee's show) please click here to visit AriWriter.com.

Would you choose not to watch a program because it had subtitles? What are your thoughts on the decision to reject Marlee's show?

I believe in always trying something different and I'm dismayed that a show like this didn't get the green light. I don't own a TV, and I've never watched more than a few minutes of a reality television program, but I'd tune in to catch this one.

Hope this finds you feeling healthy!