Mantenna - Wednesday, January 28

January 28, 2009

Ashlee Simpson comes to the defense of her tubby sister, 50 Cent starts a feud with Nas, and pictures of Megan Fox before she was the hottest thing on the's the Mantenna!

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Ashley Defends Jessica

Ashlee Simpson has weighed in over the criticism over her sister’s weight gain. Ashlee wrote on her MySpace page “Since when did a woman’s weight become newsworthy… I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister’s weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman’s weight or figure as a headline on Fox News.” There is some speculation that Jessica’s weight gain may be a publicity stunt, with reports that her father/manager is already trying to sell her weight loss story to the highest bidder. [Just Jared]

The Evolution of Megan Fox

Never-before-seen modeling photos of Megan Fox have been leaked online. The images are from a fashion photo shoot Fox did before she was famous. The photos show a much more innocent Fox, minus the grungy make-up, tattoos and oozing sexuality. [Popoholic]

One Last Watchmen Poster

Now that everyone can rest easy that we will actually get to see the Watchmen movie in March, it’s time to relax and enjoy the final poster to hit the web. And then start marking up your calendar. After all the fuss, Watchmen certainly has a lot to live up to, but all the posters, trailers and exclusive clips to date have been impressive. One of the questions now lingering is: if Watchmen blows up, will there be a sequel? There was one and only one graphic novel, so that’s going to be a sticky issue for Warner Bros. []

50 Cent Says Nas' Career Is Over


Source: Jordan Strauss / WireImage / Getty Images

50 Cent no longer considers Nas among his hip hop competitors and is insisting that his career is "finished." Fiddy recently told XXL magazine, "... I really don't want to talk about Nas. I think he's at one of those points to where his career's finished, to be honest." Curtis even went on to say that Nas has "had some great moments and made good music in the past, but he no longer has the interest of the general public or myself." Damn. [Milk Magazine]

Lynyrd Skynyrd Piano Player Billy Powell Dead At 56

Billy Powell, longtime piano/keyboard player for Lynyrd Skynyrd who survived the band's infamous 1977 plane crash, died at his Orange Park condo early this morning. Police Chief James Boivin said Powell called 911 from his condo in and was pronounced dead at 1:52 a.m. after rescue crews performed CPR on him. Current Lynyrnd Skynyrd singer Johnny Van Zant spent over 22 years with Powell and said the band took the news of Powell's very death hard. "You know, they say they've got one hell of a band up in heaven. My brother Ronnie up in heaven is probably saying, 'Billy, what took you so long?' I'm sure they're catching up on things in heaven." [CMT]

Always Log Out

Humorist and guerilla troublemaker Jeff Rosenberg likes to mess with your s**t.  It’s especially easy for him to do this, too, when you stay logged into your school’s course management software, your email, or (God forbid) your Facebook account.  Check out the remainder of his mischievous deeds over at College Humor where Jeff makes his internet home. [College Humor]

Best Buy Lays off 500 at Headquarters

Bending to the will of the recession, electronics giant Best Buy has laid off 500 of the employees from their main headquarters – this equates to about 13% of their workforce there.  Best Buy isn’t the only technology firm making cutbacks (Panasonic and Texas Instruments are making similar cuts), but it just goes to show that even the mighty are falling in these “touch economic times.” [Reuters]

Reports Says Motorcycle Seats Do NOT Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Male members of society have long concerned themselves over the potential harm that could possibly be done by riding a two-wheeled machine. But according to a study presented by Randall Dale Chipkar, author of Motorcycle Cancer? and patent holder of an "electromagnetic shielding motorcycle seat," the subtle vibrations caused by modern motorcycles do not cause impotence, erectile dysfunction disorder, or cancer. But it begs the question: what is the problem? Turns out it's the electromagnetic fields generated by the electrical gee-gaws on modern bikes. So basically, you're still screwed, and your wife isn't. []

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