Live Blog: The Ultimate Finale Undercard

December 5, 2009

The undercard is about to kick off for The Ultimate Finale at The Palms in Las Vegas. The crowd is shuffling in, the bar tenders and warming up and Bruce Buffer just lit up the room with his smile. The first bout is scheduled for 6:45pm ET so follow all the action from the untelevised portion of the card right here and check back at 9pm ET play-by-play breakdown of the main event airing live on Spike.

The night will start off with a lightweight matchup between Mark Bocek and Joe Brammer, and a rumbling on the other side of the arena suggests that they’re starting to make their way to the Octagon to get this mofo off the ground.

Mark Bocek vs. Joe Brammer

Round 1:

Brammer send off a few kicks to start the round. Bocek lands a right and pins Brammer against the fence. Bocek shoots in for a double leg and gets the takedown. Brammer gets back to his feet but gives up his back and Bocek bear hugs him back to the mat. Mark still has his back and looks to lock in a rear naked choke. He slips in the legs and Brammer climbs back to his feet. From the piggyback, Bocek locks in the choke and Brammer taps.  

A rough debut in the Octagon for "The South Side Strangler" as Mark Bocek turned in another nice display of grappling to improve to three straight wins in the UFC and he’ll look to start loving on to bigger and better things soon.

Next up Dennis "Superman" Hallman will take on John "Doomsday" Howard in the matchup that has comic fans worried that the end is nigh.

Dennis Hallman vs. John Howard

Round 1:

Hallman takes Doomsday to the mat and Howard has him in half guard. Hallman is looking for side control, but Howard is protecting himself nicely. Hallman gets enough distance to slice in an elbow. Howard recovers guard, but the ref stands them up. Doomsday lunges in with a left, he slips past Hallman and gets his back. Just as he’s about to pull the slam, Hallman rolls forward and looks for a leg lock. Howard defends and readjusts but Hallman sinks it in tighter. He kicks out of the lock and Hallman ends up on top, in Howard’s guard.

Round 2:

Hallman leads with a front kick, Howard grabs it and shoots in for a takedown but Hallman defends and ends up as the one on top. Hallman now has full side control, but he’s a little high and it looks like Howard is thinking about a roll. He’s still just thinking about it and there’s not much doing. As Hallman steps over the head, Howard turns and gives up his back. Howard continues to fight off the rear naked choke and Howard’s corner is trying to get a standup –not likely.

Round 3:

Looks like Howard has had enough of the grappling stuff and comes out swinging the third frame. Hallman wants none of that ands pulls guard. Howard gets right back up. They fight for control and Howard gets forced into a takedown and lands in Hallman’s guard. He’s looking to posture up and score from his first real dominant position all night but Hallman’s guard is too tight and he can’t find any room. Howard breaks free and frantically fires shot but Hallman again closes the distance and calms Howard’s attack. Howard manages a full mount. Hallman is desperately holding on but Howard is finally able to lands some shots. Hallman sweeps and gets inside Howard’s guard. With just about a minute left, it looks like this is going to be a win for good guys as Superman should walking away with a decisive win. With 20 seconds left, the referee stands them up. Knowing he needs a knockout, Howard dumps everything he has into the last 20 seconds and goes wild. Lands a left hook and turns out the lights on Hallman.

An incredible comeback for the rising star from Boston. Hallman is pissed and refuses to give his losing hand to referee for the official announcement from Buffer.

Joe Stevenson head over toward the press table, probably to thank me for keep this insightful and colorful account of the evening’s bout, but he must have gotten cold feet. At the last second he turned to take a seat next to the ring girls and compliment their hair.

Brian Stann vs. Rodney Wallace

Round 1:

Wallace charges in for a takedown on the “All American” from Scranton, PA. Stann gets back up. Wallace charges in again, fists swinging, chin out and Stann avoids trouble. Stann mounts an attack and Wallace slips under to score another takedown. Stann is right back up but Wallace still has his leg and is working to take this back to the ground. Stann gets free and lands an elbow in the pocket. Stann fakes a right and lands a leg kick, then another. Wallace just suplexed Stann and sent him head-over-heels to the mat. Stann is back up. Wallace gets another takedown. Wallace lands a few elbows as the round ends.

Round 2:

Wallace scores with a pair of leading jabs and looks for another takedown. Stann fights it but loses the battle. Stann gets up and then scores a takedown of his own. Stann is looking to posture up as lands a few body shots. He creates space and lands a bomb, then moves to side control. Wallace regains guard. Stann lands a couple nagging elbows. He postures again and lands another big one, Walalce gets ahold of Stann’s leg and rolls into a kneebar. Stann has a relatively good position and Wallace won’t be able to crank the knee bar. Stann adjusts and gets out of trouble.

Round 3:

Wallace gets another takedown. As Stann looks to walk back up, he gives up his back. His face looks calm as he works his way out of trouble and back to his feet. Wallace is not letting go of this takedown thing and continues to look for a way down to the matt. Stann lands some knees inside the clinch and then exchanges a few blows with Wallace. Stann fires off a leg kick that almost goes clean through Wallace’s left leg. Wallace gets a takedown. Stann is back up, with Wallace agaisant the fence. The crowd is pleading for knees, but Stann isn’t interested. Stann defends a takedown attempt, but with 30 seconds left, he’s going to need more than that to win this decision. They exchange blows to end the round and Stann lands some clean blows. This will be close to call.

The unanimous decision comes back for Brian Stann.

Justin Wren vs. Jon Madsen

Round 1:

After an early exchange, Wren already has some marks on his face. He’s got a little bit of blood coming from his left eye now. These boys are swinging for the fences and Wren looks for a hard right but misses. Madsen lands one on the jaw. He catches him again with a right. A fierce exchange opens up and it’s tough to tell who came out on top. Wren counters and attack and lands a nice left. Wren gets sloppy and eats one. Wren fires a body shot right to the liver of Madsen.

Round 2:

Hulk Hogan just walked into the arena with TNA President Dixie Carter. She’s hot. Oh yea, there’s a fight. Madsen lands one and Wren smiles back, loving it. Wren has blood dripping from his ear now and he looks for an overhand right that glances Madsen’s face. Madsen connects with right. They’re starting to look tired, but as the ends Wren chases down Madsen and fires with everything he’s got but he cant find the finishing blow.

Round 3:

Wren is getting sloppy but he’s still got a lot of power behind his fists and lands a clean one on the chin of Madsen. Wren sticks his chin right out, goading Madsen to take it. Good thinking. Wren might be pulling away on the score cards now. Madsen lands a clean one but it seems to piss off Wren and he goes a little nuts. Technique is pretty much nil at this point but both men are trying to finish this. Wren shoots in for a takedown, doesn’t get it, Madsen scores.

That was a sloppy, but exciting, fight with big bombs and heart.  

The split decision goes to Jon Madsen and the reaction from the crowd is mixed. I tend to agree with the folks who are in Wren’s corner but no one asked me.

Darrill Schoonver vs. James McSweeney

Round 1:

The “Tities” jokes are flying from the stands. McSweeney is really firing off combos on Schoonover. He must be angry about something. Schoonover looks for a takedown to get away from McSweeney’s attack and James lock in a guillotine. Darrill pops out. Darrill is now on top and in half guard. Darrill is landing some body shots but James rolls out and lands on top of Darrill. He’s looking for the Roy Nelson crucifix and Darrill gives up his back. James loses it and Darrill regains guard. James backs away and Darrill gets up. Now Darrill seems upset and tees off on James. Great way to end the round as Schoonover fought back from a tough opening.

Round 2:

Darrill is in the offensive early and James doesn’t like it one bit. Darrill catches one from James and goes down, he’s on his back but James is standing in front and won’t let him up. James finally steps into Darrill’s guard and lands some blows. McSweeney takes his back but Darrill sweeps and gets on top. McSweeney rolls right back. As Darrill tries to get up, James sails in a knee to the downed Schoonover but thankfully it misses. McSweeney gets a full mount, Darrill gives up his back and the bell rings.

Round 3:

James lands a knee from inside the clinch, then an elbow. Now some kind of slap boxing match seeme to be breaking out, McSweeney gets a hold of a leg and takes Darrill to the mat. He’s got side control but does nothing with it. Darrill tries to work back to his feet and gets knocked back. The referee stands them up. These guys don’t have much energy left. James keeps sending off front kicks to keep Darrill away, then lands a head kick, followed by a right and has Darrill stunned. He puts Darrill on the mat and finishes it with one more shot. The referee steps in to call the TKO.

That’s it for the undercard fights. We’re about to kick off the live broadcast so tune into the Spike for all the action but if you just can’t get enough live blog, you can still follow along online right here.