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Your Girlfriend's Birth Control is Messing With Her Memory

by Theta1138   September 12, 2011 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 1,496
Your Girlfriend's Birth Control Is Messing With Her Memory

Let's face it, most fights between couples are pretty dumb. They're usually over some minor detail that you disagree over, and blow up into a much bigger argument. Most guys are left scratching their heads...why doesn't she remember?

Well, there's a reason, and it sits in a bubble pack and keeps you from being a very surprised expectant father.

It's no secret that hormonal birth control can mess with women's health in various ways: some birth control can delay periods, others can control acne, and so on. But the University of California Irvine did some research and found it actually affects how she remembers the past.

It's not a deficit: the pill isn't making your girlfriend forget things. But it is influencing how she remembers things. The study had women hear a story about a boy in a car accident, and when a week later they were asked to recall information from the story, women on the pill actually thought, ironically, more like guys: they remembered the overall story, but didn't focus on the details.

The women using something else? They remembered specific details, which is more in line with research into the differences between the genders in terms of brains. In short, she remembers things more like you do when she takes the pill: but why she remembers them differently, well, there you're on your own.

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