About Me and Dress Up Me

October 21, 2009

My name is Camille Jane Fuentes, a current writer/editor of dress up games. I have been in this business for almost a year. And I consider this as a break because I have been given a chance to share my talent in writing articles and manage blogs. I have a short details about myself and I hope that you will get inspired of it.

Dress Up Girls

When I was a kid, my mother was fond of telling me and my sister "dress up girls, we will visit your grandma". That is why until now, I keep those 3 words in my mind and here I am now, one of the writers and one of the dedicated persons who handle dress up games. This site features different dressup games for girls to where they can choose or dress up hundreds of cute girls, princesses, celebrities, and dolls. These virtual games can be a reflection to the ones who play. So, come on, dress up girl and meet new friends with the same interests as yours. It is really possible that your favorite is her favorite as well. You may take her contact information and chat everything about your common favorites. It is not hard to find friends on the internet. This is just one way of doing it so.


My obligation as a writer.

Dressup Games

It is my obligation to express what I feel about things that I think is right. And I know that not all people would agree with me. That would still be alright with me, all I need is to respect my opinion regarding the topics that I am writing in my blogs. Posting a new entry in my blog brings so much happiness to me. Honestly, I consider this job as one of many things that complete my life. Without this, I am nothing.