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Comic-Con 2010: J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon Panel Gleans New Avengers Details

by GTshane   July 22, 2010 at 10:44PM  |  Views: 262

At Comic-Con today Abrams and Whedon tag-teamed one of the most anticipated panels of the show. What was the result? New information about Avengers, Super 8, Cabin in the Woods, and much more. Jump on over to get all the dirt.

Abrams, the main man behind Lost, the Star Trek reboot, and countless other projects primarily discussed his upcoming alien movie, Super 8. No footage of the movie was shown because shooting isn't scheduled to begin until September. He said that the film will not be in 3D. 

Whedon confirmed that he is indeed directing Marvel's Avengers. Its style will be a mix between the classic comics and the recent movies that precede it like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. He says that knowing how those characters are portrayed in those films will help him in completing the script. Rumors had swirled that all the stars from Avengers might make an appearance, but they did not. Whedon also stated that his horror flick, Cabin in the Woods, was finished but it's being held from theatres due to MGM's bankruptcy procedings.



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Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Enteratainment/Getty Images