SPIKE's Repo Games Car Payment Sweepstakes Is On!

April 16, 2012

Think you're smarter than the contestants on Repo Games? Wanna have your car payments taken care of for a year? If so, all you have to do is tune in – and tweet in! -- to Repo Games this Tuesday at 11:00pm for back-to-back episodes of the greatest game show ever invented.

Here's the deal, dudes. All you need to do is watch the two new back-to-back episodes of Repo Games this Tuesday starting at 11:00pm and look out for the two special trivia questions during the show. Once the question appears, tweet the answer using #RepoGames and you'll instantly be entered to win the grand prize. That's it! Seriously. That's almost as easy as the questions that Tom and Josh dish out on the actual show. How can you not do this?

Make sure to follow @SpikeTV on Twitter for all the details and rules.

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