Pirate Hunters Come to Spike

April 13, 2009

Spike TV today announced a partnership with Emmy Award-winning production house 44 Blue Productions for the pilot episode of Pirate Hunters: USN (working title), an in-depth look inside the fight to end piracy off the coast of Africa.The reality series will take viewers onboard real U.S. Navy ships to embark on actual missions involved in the intense fight against piracy and terrorism in the Gulf of Aden. The pilot will cover every aspect of life aboard a Navy ship and will look to capture the intensity and drama behind the scenes.

These often-violent hijackings off the coast of eastern Africa not only pose a grave threat to the lives of sailors taking cargo through the region, but are also starting to add an exorbitant amount to the cost of worldwide trade. Now, television viewers will be able to see this dramatic, tension-filled and high-stakes military mission first-hand.

Check out the full release for more details.

Credit: US Navy/Getty Images