Jude Law Punches Woman in the Head

July 23, 2009

British actor Jude Law is in hot water for punching a female photographer in the head. Law maintains it was an “accident,” but his victim thinks otherwise.

Jude Law is currently appearing in a West End production of Hamlet. He had dinner at the Automat Club with The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. As Law left the restaurant he encountered Harsha Gopal, a 28-year-old paparazzi photographer. As the 36-year-old actor walked past Gopal, he reportedly socked her in the head.

She recalls, “I was the first one to take his picture when he turned up. After I’d taken a few I was starting to move away when I felt his hand come across my face, and then there was a push. It was really loud – there was a massive thud and my face is still stinging today.”

Law maintains the incident was an accident. His lawyer released the following statement: “This is all nonsense. Last night's incident was an accident. Jude was blinded by the camera flashes when he left the restaurant, raised his hand to shield himself and inadvertently struck somebody standing very close. He apologized and left. Pictures of this sort can often be misleading."

Photographs taken of the incident seem to tell a different story. What do you think?


Source: Splash News