The Top 5 Ink Master Tattoos On Instagram

May 21, 2016

Everyone loves staring at tattoos on Instagram. Come on, we know you do it. Instead of going through all of that gorgeous ink online, we've gathered the best of the best from Ink Master for you right here. Here are the top tattoos that Ink Master fans fell in love with on Instagram – and shared plenty of their thoughts on them, too.

5. Anthony's Black And Grey Female Portrait

4. Sausage's New School Dinosaur


"All tattoos are far from perfect but this one is pretty close." – @oliverpecker on @sausagekingtattoos #InkMaster

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3. Megan Jean's Surrealistic Woman


@MeganJeanMorris had the most surreal tattoo of the day! Congratulations on the win. #InkMaster

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2. Anthony's Surrealistic Woman


When this tattoo heals, it's going to be awesome. Would you wear it? #InkMaster

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1. Cleen Rock One's Venetian Mask


This tattoo has amazing touches of detail. @CleenRockOne hit the challenge head on. #InkMaster

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If you thought these tattoos were great, wait till the master canvas tattoos are revealed during the Ink Master live season finale on May 24 at 10/9c!