Time to Spy with Video Camera/Watch

February 12, 2009

You know what time it is? Yeah, I don’t either.  I don’t wear a watch, and I left my cell in my truck. However, if I had the Spy Micro Camera Watch from Brando UK, I would never take that thing off.  I’d be recording nefarious doings, underhanded dealings, ne’er-do-wells, and other peoples’ wrists. 

The camera/watch has 2GB of built-in memory, and the camera (see it? It’s in the the curve of the 2) records AVI video at a resolution of 352x288. It uploads to your computer via USB drive which is also how it charges its 270mhA capacity battery. And it can be all yours, secret agent man, for the low, low price of $189. 


Source: Brando UK