Zulu vs Maori

August 10, 2010

ZULU --- Iklwa, Zulu Ax, Iwisa, Spit of Poison.

MAORI --- Stingray spear, Mere, Taiaha, Sharktooth Club.

EDGE --- Iklwa for faster moving and gets multiple chances, Ax for slicing lethality and larger, Taiaha for ability to block and stab, Sharktooth Club for more lethality and actual ability to kill.

A Zulu is training himself by running on hard rocks to improve invincibility power but comes across a New Zealand Maori. The Maori does the ritual where he pretty much says, "I'm going to kill you, eat you, and turn you into human feces!", and potrudes the tongue. The Zulu picks up his iwisa and throws it at the enemy. The Maori pulls up the taiaha which breaks the wood in half. The Maori comes close to his enemy and hits him with the mere. While coming back from the blow, the Zulu quickly chews a berry and spits it at the Maori.

The Maori wipes his face with one hand, randomly stabs with the taiaha in the other. One of the stabs hit the leg of the Zulu but doesn't cause much pain to what he's used to. The Maori graps his Sharktooth Club and fights the Zulu and his ax. The Maori stabs the Zulu again with the taiaha but the Zulu quickly counters it with a chop to break the taiaha. The Maori delivers a kick to his African enemy, which sends him to the ground. The Maori quickly gashes the chest of his enemy before the Zulu ax slashes at the thigh of the Maori. He jumps away, letting the Zulu get up. The Maori then tackles the Zulu, beating, scratching, and biting. The Maori took a vicious bite out of the back of his opponet. In tremendous pain, wounded, and down, the Maori grabs one of the pieces of the taiaha and the mere. He beats the head with the mere. Then impales the taiaha in the heart.

MAORI --- 734.

Stingray Spear --- 116.

Mere --- 138.

Taiaha --- 309.

Sharktooth Club --- 171.

ZULU --- 266.

Iklwa --- 48.

Ax --- 140.

Iwisa --- 78.

Poison Spit --- 0.