Coast Guard Unveils Pirate-Catching Weapon

September 30, 2008

How does the Coast Guard catch a pirate? They do it with a net.  What a disappointing answer.  However, it happens to be true in the case of the U.S. Coast Guard.  In an effort to combat the cresting threat of modern-day piracy (of the non-digital media kind), national security has been fortified with the Littoral Combat ship and (I’m not making this up) its pirate-catchin’ net.

The Littoral Combat Ship, or LCS, was launched in July in Michigan.  And Danger Room reports that aboard the ship is a simple but effective weapon for combating “low intensity threats.”  A friggin pirate net.  It’s just a long rope with a bunch of nylon loops hanging from it designed to entangle a pirates motor.  But what about the sails!? Can't they swashbuckle their way out!?  Like Gizmodo says, they'd be much better served with a clan on ninjas in their war on piracy.