Megan Fox Named World's Sexiest Woman

April 24, 2008


Megan Fox, the star of Transformers has been name the "Sexiest Woman in the World" by men’s magazine FHM. Fox beat out a host of hotties, including Angelina Jolie (12) who she is often compared to. The big-lipped, tattooed, sultry Fox debuted on the list in 2006 at number 68, then jumped up 3 spots in 2007 to number 65. FHM said nearly 9 million votes were cast for this edition of the annual poll.

The top 10 looked like this:

  1. Megan Fox
  2. Jessica Biel
  3. Jessica Alba
  4. Elisha Cuthbert
  5. Scarlett Johansson
  6. Emmanuelle Chriqui
  7. Hilary Duff
  8. Tricia Helfer
  9. Blake Liverly
  10. Kate Beckinsale

Britney Spears also made the list, coming in last place at 100. At least she can say she made the list.

In celebration of Megan’s win, check out Spike’s Megan Fox photo gallery.