The U.S. Soccer Loss is Less Heartbreaking When Recreated by LEGO Figurines

June 28, 2010

Remember when your parents used sock puppets to help make their divorce announcement a little easier to handle? Well, this video employs the same principles, only replace "sock puppets" with "LEGO figurines" and the "Daddy and his secretary are living together now" speech with a soul crushing soccer loss to a small West African nation.

The folks at LegoFussball spent an inappropriate amount of time using Claymation technology and tiny little LEGO athletes to find a fun way to help Americans relive the agonizing defeat. Take a gander at what the American team would look like if they were one-inch tall and had the agility of a young Trent Edwards.

(Fun and slightly racist note: They were able to find brown Lego figurines for the African team. You know, for posterity’s sake.)