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Comic-Con 2010: TRON Legacy Panel Sets New Comic-Con Standard

by GTshane   July 22, 2010 at 3:20PM  |  Views: 127

Everyone knows that the panels at Comic-Con are the biggest draw of the show. Getting to meet the actors, directors, and producers in an intimate setting is something movie fans only get to do once per year. This year, Disney really pulled out all the stops for its TRON Legacy panel, doing something that has never been done in the history of the show.

Sure, for many folks, just being in the same room as Olivia Wilde is enough to make waiting in line several hours for the TRON Legacy panel worth the commitment. Those who had the patience where rewarded by actually becoming a part of the movie. Skywalker Ranch wired the massive hall with mics and recorded the crowd in attendance chanting specific things. These crowd snippets will then be incoporated into the actual movie.

That's not all. Disney also showed around eight minutes of the movie, and by all accounts, it looks absolutely incredible. Many stated that it looks even more visually arresting than Avatar, and fans even got a first glimpse of light jets in the new film.

We'll have much more on TRON Legacy in the coming days. Stay tuned to our Comic-Con hub for all the latest breaking news and videos from the show! 



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Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


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