Protest in Dublin Disrupts U2 Tour

July 28, 2009

U2’s global 360° world tour was halted today when a large group of Dubliners picketed the stadium and prevented parts of the stage from being removed because they were angry at the chaos the shows have created.
Trucks were scheduled to ship the stage and kit out of Croke Park and off to a ferry to Sweden in time for the U2's next concert in Gothenberg. Although tour manager Jake Berry admitted that the protest by about 80 people had affected the scheduling of the tour.

"It affects it. We should all be not talking to you and be on a boat," Berry told RTE radio. "It affects the tour schedule, read it whatever way you want.”

Locals were angry that the work to take down the stage, giant video screen, and other gizmos used during the world's most expensive rock tour was taking almost two days and nights of continual activity, with up to 100 trucks passing along the narrow lanes around Croke Park.

Residents said they reached an agreement with the music promoters MCD yesterday morning to allow 54 production trucks out of the stadium. Trucks containing equipment from the band’s weekend concerts finally began to move out of Croke Park this morning.

You know U2 sucks when their own people want to put a stop to their concerts.

Source: Jakubaszek/Getty Images