Ming warrior Vs. Vlad the impaler

January 1, 2011

I liked to write my last match up, so i have decided to write one last gunpowder match up. The Ming warrior Vs. Vlad the impaler. The ming warrior has more firepower, while Vlad has the better armour. Who will win this match up between guys who either cut off ears or a guy that impales his enemy.

Ming Warrior Vs. Vlad the Impaler


Ming warriors                                                                                                           The ming warriors were soldiers of the ming dynasty in China. These guys build the great wall of China and succesfully fought off the Samurai and Momgol warriors.  Collectiong ears as trophies, these warriors were armed and ready for battle.

The Ming come into action with the dao, three-barrel pole cannon, nest of bees and the mechanical landmine. They were leather armour, studded with steel.


Vlad the Impaler                                                                                                    This cruel knight fought off the Turks succesfully and protected Hongaria from these muslim invaders. Many legends surround Vlad but he did inpale prisoners of war and thiefs/murderers. He proved himself in personal combat when he took down the assasin of his father.

Vlad roars with the kilij, halberd, steel crossbow and handcanonnon. The armour he and his soldiers wear are riveted chainmail and steel plates. He also carries a shield.


Dao Vs. Kilij                                                                                                       Both swords are great cutting weapons. The dao can be used to thrust also. But the shield that will be carried with the kilij will play an important part. The egde goes to the kilij, because of the combination of sword and shield.                                       Edge: Vlad the Impaler

Three-barrel pole gun Vs. Halberd                                                                         These weapons are very different. The halberd can be used to take down, stab and slash but the pole gun is a gun with three shots. The shield of Vlad will not be very effective, just as the chainmail. The plates might be, but he is not covered enough. On the other side, the armour of the Ming are not awesome either against the halberd. The egde goes to the pole gun. Three shots that can be shot from distant, yes the egde.                                                                                                    Edge: Ming Warriors

Nest of Bees Vs. Steel Crossbow                                                                           Both can be shot from a distance. The crossbow has power and will no doubt penetrate if fully pulled back, but the nest of bees are a lot of arrows attacking on the same time, longer range, and there is a big chance they hit unarmoured parts.   Edge: Ming warrior

Mechanical Landmine Vs. Hand Cannon                                                                  I love both weapons. The landmine can kill more opponents at once and can be triggered by means of a weapon of for an enemy to stand on it. The handcannon can shoot to kill, making it more likely to kill and can be used to strike someone to death, due to the hook. The hand cannon can kill only one before it needs to reload. The fact that the landmine needs to be triggered is an upside and a downside. The enemy does not need to trap in it and the enemie will never see it coming.               Edge: Even

Armour                                                                                                             The ming wears leather armour with steel studds and a steel helmet, while Vlad wears chainmail with steel and has a shield and a helmet.                                        Edge: Vlad the Impaler

Lets Duel


Han looked at his soldiers. All were ready for this fight. His superiors wanted Han to look for dangerous obstacles while entering this new land to conquer. He had heard rumors about the dangerous warlord who killed anyone who tried to battle him, so Han had chosen the best men he could find, to come with him. Han would like to fight this new country and collect new ears. He was one of the few who kept the ears on a rope on his belt. Han had chosen Li for his ability with the three-barrel pole gun. Lee was a great swordsman, Law was with him due to the fact that he had endured a lot of dangerous missions, always coming out alive and finally the master of the nest of bees, Cho. Now, having traveld for weeks, they walked into a forest with snow beneath their feet.

'Men' Vlad said. 'Beru has told me that a group of Chinese, have entered our forest. Well armed.' Looking at the four man he had summond here, they all stood firm. 'You are going to help me destroy them' Vlad barked the last word and the spit came out of his mouth. 'Take out your arms and come with me.'                                        The little band of five men were now searching the woods. Vlad had his shield, kilij and crossbow with him. Dender, his squire, carried his halberd, Damir was with him due to the fact that he was very able with the hand cannon, Gary was his loyal second in command and always ready and finally Beru. he had seen the enemies and had to lead his companions towards them. All of them wore kilij swords and shields.

'Han' Li spoke. 'The enemies are coming.' Han gave a nod and asked Law how far he was. 'Almost done' he said. 'If these guys dont fall for the weapons, i have another suprise for them' he finished with a grin. 'Done!' 'okay men, now forwards and bring both nest of bees in front.' Cho gave one nest of bees to Lee and the five Ming warriors went forwards. As they encountered the posse of Vlad the Impaler, the two nest of bees fired.                                                                                               Ming warriors: 5  Vlad the Impaler:5

'Dender, when we are done here, you will be knighted.' Vlad said as Gary suddenly yelled. 'Enemie fire, shields up' Before anyone got time to think, the shields were raised and the arrows that had erupted off the nest of bees fly past the soldiers or hit the armour of shields. Beru was too late to raise his shield and got hit in the throat. He dropped his cannon as he fell down in the snow, leaving only blood to colour the snow red. One other arrow flew in the knee of Gary, who dropped down and hoped not to get hit again. Damir dropped his shield again and fired his hand cannon. The bullit flew in the forehead of a ming warrior killing him.  'Lee and Law, take out your swords and take revenge for Cho' their captain yelled. As both ming warriors took out their dao swords and ran towards Vlad and his gang, as Han and Li retreated. The two Ming yelled as they raised their swords. Lee tried to cut the head off of the soldier who sat on his knees, trying to pull an arrow out. The sword blow was intercepted by the hook of the halberd. Dender swung the weapon away and slashed at his opponent. The slash hit the ming on his armour, but Dender immidiatly stabbed the Ming swordfighter in the throat. Law headed straight towards the man that looked like the leader. The swung his dao, only to have it deflected by the shield and before he could attack again, he got sliced up by the kilij of Damir and Vlad himself.                                                                                                 Ming warriors:2  Vlad the Impaler: 4

Vlad checked his soldiers and saw how is second in command was okay, just walked badly and a bit slow. He would retire in the end, Vlad thought. 'Leave Beru, we will retrieve the body when we are done here.' Vlad spoke. Damir loaded his weapon again and Vlad made his crossbow ready, it only needed a bolt and be fired. They then continued and walked the trough the forest, following the footsteps in the snow of the Ming warriors. Walking trough the forest, they stumbled on weapon, sticking in the ground. 'How stupid do these guys think we are' Vlad said. 'Dont take these weapons, i guess it is some sort of trap. I have some villagers to take them out when we are done.' And he walked on. His squire walked on too and when Damir suddenly took a misstep, the ground exploded. Both Damir and Gary were blown up, bodyparts flying everywhere. Vlad checked the handcannon when he found it again, but the weapon was destroyed by the blast. 'Lets go Vlad said shortly'                       Ming warriors: 2  Vlad the Impaler: 2

Han and Li took a rest on a fallen tree and were waiting for the other Ming when suddenly they heard a big boom. 'Must be the landmines' Li spoke. 'Indeed, we will wait here, hold your gun ready' Han spoke as he drew his dao sword. Vlad and his squire appeard and Li shot, missing them both. Vlad loaded his steel crossbow as Dender ran at the guy who fired the shot. Vlad shot his crossbow which hit the shoulder of the Ming. Li felt pain, but was able to shoot again, the bullet flew through the chainmail and hit the stumach. Dender was just able to kill the Ming with kilij before he collapsed. He was never able to block the attack of Han. Han cut the neck of the squire and removes the head. Angry Vlad shot again, but the crossbow was not winded up enough and the arrow bounced off the leather armour of the Ming. Han Swinged his blade again, dropping spletters of blood everywhere.                              Ming Warriors: 1    Vlad the Impaler:1

Both warriors now jumped at each other and tried to strike first with their swords. As Vlad blocked a swordblow and striked himself, Han ducked under the blow and punched Vlad in the Stumach. Vlad then punched his opponent in the face with his shield. Dancing around each other and not able to get past the opponent, both warriors got tired of the fight. Suddenly, Han thrusted with his sword, hitting the steel plate, Vlad counteracted and slashed the knee of the Ming, forcing him on his knees. Vlad then punched his face with the shield and the Ming warrior flew on the ground, rolling in the snow. The dao flew to the side and Vlad, happy that he was going to take revenge for his soldiers. Han looked around, needing a weapon, when he suddenly saw the three-barrel pole gun. He grabbed it and aimed it at Vlad. Vlad laughed as he came near. Was that stupid chinese really going to think he could use that. It was already shot twice, there was no way that weapon was going to shoot tric... Vlad fell dead on the ground as Han shot and hit the knight between the eyes. Ming warrior: 1    Vlad the Impaler: 0

Winner: Ming Warriors

This was going to be one really special ear, Han thought. it would get a special place in the collection. And if their were more of this guy, no way China would invade here. With that thought, Han headed back to camp.

The grades


Ming warriors: 40.5

Dao: 8

Three Barrel pole gun: 8.5

Nest of Bees: 9

Mechanical landmine: 8

Armour: 7


Vlad the Impaler: 40

Kilij: 8.5

Halberd: 8

Steel Crossbow: 7.5

Hand Cannon: 8

Armour: 8


Although Vlad had the better armour, he was overpowered by the better weapons of the Ming. Especially was the mechanical landmine a effective weapon and with the weapons, Vlad did have the egde, the Ming were not far behind. I wonder now if Vlad would win against the musketeers.

I hope you guys liked my match ups but this will prob. be last for some time. i do not know when im going to write one again. My spare time will be divided between reading your match ups and witing a big story for myself.