New iPhone to Include Gaming Chip, Ships in July?

June 5, 2009

People close to Apple seem to be fairly certain that at next week's WDCC, Apple company will in fact be unveiling its new iPhone. Some of these sources have now revealed a bit more about the device, including news about a built-in 3D graphics chip, a higher-speed network, and other tasty details.

Sources have revealed to Kotaku that the new iPhone will also utilize much-needed deeper Bluetooth support, which should theoretically allow third-party developers to to release add-on devices, like keyboards, mice, etc.

These sources also state that both the new iPhone 3.0 firmware and the new hardware model will get into consumer hands on July 17th.

Several rumors also seem to point toward Apple taking a more aggressive approach toward gaming on the device, including a dedicated graphics chip, and rumors that Apple is hiring in-house developers specifically for iPhone games. Of course, we'll know a lot more next week when the WDCC reveals all next week.

Source: Kotaku