Slipknot's Corey Taylor Has Really Bad Taste in Music

May 1, 2009

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently had a chat with Jam Showbiz and opened up about a number of subjects including hitting the gym, getting old, and owning wimpy records. Some really wimpy records.
With the unbelievable success of the band’s 2008 album All Hope is Gone, which debuted at number 1, Taylor first talked about the impact it has on the music industry when a metal band can hit the top of the charts. "I think us hitting No. 1 kind of gives hope to a lot of bands in this genre. It proves that the top spot is not just for pop or hip-hop bands or country acts. If you put the work in and you build it, you can have it too."

Taylor also explained how much touring has beat him up. He said hitting the stage at a Slipknot show was “like fighting the Civil War every night.” Taylor stated: “I'm 35, but I feel like I'm 50.” He even admitted that he now has to work out because of how draining the shows can be. “That's why I'm working out. I've gotta keep in shape to do this crap now, man. I used to be able to chug a bottle of Jack and get onstage. Now I gotta watch what I eat.”

Although the best part of the Jam interview had to be when Corey openly admitted to owning an ABBA record:

Q: Last question: What's the wimpiest album you own?

A: Oh Christ, I've got a ton of them. I don't know -- Abba's Greatest Hits.

I’m sure Corey just keeps horrible records around so he can burn them when he gets drunk.