Pocket Grappling Hook for the Modern Ninja

January 12, 2009

Tested to hold over 350 pounds, this pocket-sized grappling hook is useful for all sorts of things.  Think it’s just for your average, everyday ninja mission?  Well, my friend, you need to expand your mind.  You need to expand it like a stainless steel, razor-sharp spike extending out of a pocket-sized grappling hook. 

Buy it yourself for only $27. From the site:

Use It As A Specialized Grappling Hook To Remotely Capture Lines, Tear Down Phone Lines, Reposition Barbed Wire Emplacements, Disrupt Wires, Move Packages and Bags, Rake and Break Windows, Tear Down Blinds/Curtains in SWAT Entry Applications. Remove The Spikes From The Outside And Use It To Cast A Line. This is currently being used by military RTOs (Radio Telephone Operators) to string field expedient HF antennas.

Finally a versatile solution for the urban tacticians among us!  I performed five of those tasks on the way to work today, but unfortunately had to deal with an unwieldy and aesthetically displeasing Korean-made hook.  Ridiculous.