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by gdesanctis   August 20, 2009 at 8:00AM  |  Views: 82

Hello everyone. I hope you all are safe and sound and enjoying what's left of the summer.  Wow, there is so much going on with me, TNA and all kinds of other great stuff.  I can hardly keep up with it all.  Dr. Stevie still has the $50,000 bounty out on my head, but I am happy to report that I successfully got through his first taker in Jethro Holiday.  Jethro found out this past Sunday at Hard Justice that $50,000 or any amount of money for that matter is not as important as one's health.  I tried to get my hands on Dr. Stevie again after the match but Dr. Stevie is scared. I feel that he is getting desperate to end my career and hurt me physically. Well, Dr. Stevie, I am here to tell you that it doesn't matter what you do, I am going to fend off all takers on your bounty and I WILL get my hands on you again...very soon.
Speaking of getting my hands on something, how about the Abyss Clap, huh???  I love it. I am a child at heart and some would say at mind, too. Clapping like a child takes me back to my childhood years when I was always playing kickball or football with my little friends. Every time I would score a touchdown or kick one out of the park, it would make me feel so good, that I would clap like that.  It's the same way now, whenever I do something to my opponents to hurt them it just gives me this fuzzy, happy feeling that drags me back to those days of playing with my childhood buddies.  And now I get to share that same clap with all the great TNA fans at all the events.  It makes me feel so good when all you great fans join me in the Abyss Clap. Great job, everyone!
I experienced one of the greatest things in my life this past Sunday at Hard Justice...Mick Foley and me in the ring together for the first time. I wish it would have been under better circumstances, but it was still one of the most memorable experiences of my wrestling career. Kevin Nash is probably not too happy with me but I don't care. Kevin crossed the line, so to speak, when he attempted to add insult and injury to a bloody Mick by hitting him with the barbwire bat. I was watching and just couldn't stand to see Nash do that to someone I've idolized in this business for as long as I can remember.  I decided to take the bull by the horns and go to the ring and let Kevin know that I will not stand for it and let Mick know that I will always stand up for him.  Mick is a true legend...period.  I hope I get to catch up with him this Thursday on iMPACT and check to see how he's doing.
Remember last week when I said I wanted to start a new weekly segment of the Monster Blog about weird sayings or ironic quotes?? Well, here goes for week two.....Have you ever wondered by CARgo is sent on a ship, while SHIPments are sent thru the air????? That's wild, huh??  It makes me laugh at the irony of it all.  Remember to post your weird or ironic quotes here on the Monster Blog. I love reading them and I am going to start taking the best ones and putting them in my blog each week.

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