Students to Teacher: Thanks for the Mammaries

July 9, 2009

A California teacher sent her fifth grade students home for the summer with a DVD that was supposed to contain beautiful memories, and oh boy did the kids get just that.

Crystal Defanti, a 29-year-old fifth grade teacher at Isabelle Jackson Elementary School, is in trouble for sending her students home with DVD that contained special moments from her class and part of a sex tape. The DVD contained six seconds of Ms. Defanti pleasuring herself on a couch. The tape literally jumped from a group of 10- and 11 year-olds talking about their favorite grade five memories to their teacher moaning and rubbing herself.

As expected, parents are fuming. "It goes from my son, straight to her on the couch," recalled one parent who wished to remain anonymous. "My son's reaction was, 'Dad, is that Ms. Defanti?'" It certainly was. The dad then had to sit down and explain the birds and bees to his distressed son.

An embarrassed Ms. Defanti apologized and called every parent to explain the mishap and asked them to destroy the DVD. The well-regarded teacher is unlikely to loose her job at the school, though she is expected to be reprimanded and embarrassed for the rest of her life.


A censored screenshot of the DVD teacher Crystal Defganti sent her 5th grade students.

Source: CBS13

Source: B2M/ Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images