Spartan vs Viking

October 23, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Sparta's Persian killers that made a deadly allimo. Scandinavian berserk destroyers that ruled the continent. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: Xiphos Short Sword.

Medium Range: Dory Spear.

Long Range: Javelin.

Special: Aspis Shield.

Armor: Shield, Cuirass, Greaves, Helmet.


Short Range: Longsword.

Medium Range: Great Axe.

Long Range: Double Spears.

Special: Norse Shield.

Armor: Shield, Chainmail, Helmet.


Xiphos vs Longsword. Edge = Xiphos.

The reason I give the Xiphos an edge is because it will penetrate the chainmail, but the Longsword won't pass the cuirass or greaves. It's only target would be decapitation, but the Spartan's helmet would get in the way.

Spear vs Axe. Edge = Spear.

I love the Great Axe, but the Dory wins because it is three feet longer and the spear is lighter, too. It will also easily pass the chainmail, but the axe will have a hard time with the cuirass again.

Javelin vs Spears. Edge = Spears.

This was close because they are both spears you throw, but the Double Spears win, because there are two, shortening your chances of living, and they are also used as a short range weapon. This might be the only Viking weapon that can kill the Spartan.

Aspis vs Norse. Edge = Aspis.

The Norse Shield can be good with defense, but isn't with offense. The Aspis is both, and is a little larger and much stronger.

Cuirass & Greaves vs Chainmail. Edge = Cuirass & Greaves.

The Cuirass will make any of the Viking's slashing weapons bounce off, and the Chainmail won't stop any stabbing weapons. The Greaves stop any leg hits so he won't be handicapped in battle.

S. Helmet vs V. Helmet. Edge = S. Helmet.

The Spartan Helmet protects all of your head, except the eyes and neck, but the Viking Helmet only protects the top of your head. So your face is a target.


A Spartan is seen walking causiously through out a plain with a few trees, bushes, and ditches. He climbs to the top of a small hill, where he sees about fifty yards infront of him, a Viking. The Viking also sees the Spartan. He slowly sets down his shield, where he was holding two spears from behind. The Spartan takes out two spears. One dory, and one javelin.

After planting the dory in the ground, he saw the Viking charge. He threw the two spears at twenty feet away. One missed, and the other's shaft knicked on the aspis. The Spartan jumped off the hill, then throws his javelin.

The javelin hit the norse shield, which made a huge hole in it. The Viking pulled a large axe off his back, and tried swinging it around. The Spartan retaliated by pulling up his xiphos to reflect, and while the great axe was stuck on the hilt of the xiphos, the Spartan pushed his aspis into the Viking's stomach, where he feel down. Before the Spartan could stab down into the neck of the Viking, he rolled out of the way.

The Viking was able to get away from the Spartan and pulled out his longsword. The Spartan, even though the Viking's sword was longer, did not fear it. He pulled up his xiphos again, and came forward. He stabbed the Viking's head.

His helmet flew off. The Spartan missed the forehead of his enemy and knocked off his helmet. The Viking brought his longsword down, which bounced off his cuirass.

The Spartan hit the Viking with his aspis again, which knocked the Viking down again. The Spartan retreated to the hill, and grabbed his dory. The Viking got up, and had the great axe again. Before the Spartan can turn, the axe slashed his red cape off. That angered the Spartan. He turned with the aspis infront of him, and the spear out front, the typical allimo style. The Viking tried to slash the aspis with the axe, but the dory stabbed him in the chest. The Viking looked down in awe, spat up some blood, and died. "SPARTA!!!"

Spartan: 588.

Xiphos: 176.

Dory Spear: 179.

Javelin: 5.

Aspis: 228.

Viking: 412.

Longsword: 93.

Great Axe: 118.

Double Spears: 12.

Norse Shield: 189.

Ending Assessment: The Spartan's Chainmail piercing weapons, along with his strong armor ended him out on top in this epic battle.

Best Weapon: The Aspis crushed the Viking into Valhala with 228 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Javelin only effectively killed the Viking 5 times.