Entourage to Hug it Out on the Big Screen

December 4, 2009

For those of you who have loyally followed along with Vinnie Chase and his Entourage, you'll be relieved to hear there are probably two more seasons coming your way before they throw in the towel and, well, grow up. But after those two seasons we might just see the last episode in theaters.

Mark Wahlberg, actor extraordinaire and the show's executive producer, recently had this to say about Entourage, "We'll see; there could be more [than two seasons left]. But then a movie."

Terse words from the tough man. But are there really two seasons worth of stories left in this show? Wahlberg and HBO seem to think so.

It's not uncommon for television shows to put their series finale up on the silver screen, though this method of finishing a TV program has mixed success. While Sex and the City was a money machine, the last X-Files movie received a less than enthusiastic response from fans and non-fans alike.

What do you think? Would you pay to see Entourage: The Movie?

Source: Home Box Office

Tune in to Entourage, coming in January to SPIKE!