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Judd Apatow and Kristin Wiig Together Again

by hanksattitude   February 17, 2010 at 3:55PM  |  Views: 109

For some reason movies about women going crazy about weddings aren't going away any time soon, and the newest addition to this genre is being mid-wifed by Judd Apatow and Paul Feig (the guy who wrote all of Freaks and Geeks). The movie was originally called Bridesmaids but is presently untitled. Kristin Wiig was a co-writer and is going to star. Will this suck?

Slash Film has the goods on the story:

The script, written by Wiig and Annie Mumolo, is about a pair of women who duke it out to earn the honor of planning their best friend’s wedding party. The film was one of the projects being considered by James Bobin before he jumped on to direct the new Muppet movie. Feig will direct in his stead.

The fact that both Feig and Apatow are involved is promising, and Wiig has been good in most of the movies she's been in to date. But this concept is so played out, not that it was ever great to begin with, that it leaves you wondering, "Who is going to watch this movie?"

Who knows, though, this could be the women-going-nuts-over-a-wedding movie that breaks the mold.

This does raise the question: what's the next movie that Apatow's going to write and direct? Is he going to veer back into the world of comedy, or stay longer in the realm of dramedy? We're waiting, Judd.

Source: Randall Michelson/Getty Images


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