Five Must-Watch College Football Games this Weekend

September 24, 2010

No need to waste time playing with your children or volunteering at charitable organizations this weekend. There are dozens of exciting college football games being played on Saturday that should serve as an excellent distraction to common annoyances like looming personal bankruptcy and the Iranian terrorists who moved in next door. Here are the five we’ve picked as “must watch” television. (Note: Still a lot of time to call INS on the neighbors before kick-off.)

(1) Alabama at (10) Arkansas

Alphabetically and talent-wise, no two teams are higher on the college football power rankings than Alabama and Arkansas. Both boast Heisman contenders, national championship hopes, and rabid fan bases that are completely capable of stadium bathroom murder. This one could get nasty, and end up serving as a potential end to Alabama’s bid to be the first team - in nearly two decades -  to collect back-to-back national titles.

(24) Oregon State at (3) Boise State

Do you like blue fields, video game-style football, and athletes who weren’t good enough to play for Texas or Florida? Then this game may be perfect for you, guy who probably lives in Boise.

(12) South Carolina at (17) Auburn

If you haven’t seen South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore play football yet, then watch this game. He is the next Adrian Peterson and a can’t-miss first round pick in obscure NFL Fantasy Football leagues that draft college freshman. (Note: I’m actually in one of these. I picked Ryan Mallett three years ago, and I’m maybe four or five seasons away from it paying off.)

(16) Stanford at Notre Dame

Since when is watching Notre Dame lose not fun? Their opponents, the Cardinal, enters the game with Heisman hopeful and future number one overall NFL Draft pick Andrew Luck leading a revamped offense that should be able to put on a quite a show against a Notre Dame defense that exercises a tackling-optional policy in the fourth quarter. There’s almost no chance Notre Dame can bounce back and salvage their season. It’s like a hater’s paradise in South Bend. (And yes, this game is Luck against the Irish.)

(22) West Virginia at (15) LSU

The amount of speed on the field in this game is mesmerizing. Noel Devine, Russell Shepard, and Patrick Peterson are all electrifying players with the chance to do something special. Something in this game will end up on SportsCenter’s top plays Saturday night and there’s a good chance it could come in the fourth quarter with the game on the line.

So, go ahead valued readers. Make some predictions...

Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images