Tarantino Gives Us One Helluva Ride

July 9, 2008


The red band trailer for Hell Ride, a Quentin Tarantino project written and directed by Larry Bishop, looks like a film revved up with lots of ridin’, shootin’ and punchin’. This is pretty classic Tarantino fare: someone took something from the wrong somebody, and now everybody who gets in the way is going to pay. Watch it after the jump.


In other Tarantino news, Quentin has been shopping his script Inglorious Bastards around town, making all the familiar stops. He's met with Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount and Sony, and he’s also in talks with Brad Pitt to star in the World War II film. Lawrence Bender is producing with Harvey Weinstein. Tarantino has been talking about making this film for years – its release date was originally 2001 – but it looks like it might actually become a reality.

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