Ranking the Tag Teams

by Robbie E   September 12, 2012 at 11:53AM  |  Views: 1,669

It's no secret, bro, that my career as well as Bigger Rob's career are both only going up. We are both former champions in IMPACT WRESTLING and we love the taste of gold. Well, I'm pretty sure that there is more gold in our future as we have decided that we may go for the tag titles. Last week on IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV, Hulk Hogan made a poor decision not giving us a title shot and choosing another team. Is he crazy? We bring something different to the table. Here is the LIST of reasons why we are better than all the other teams in IMPACT WRESTLING.

Gunner and Kid Kash - Come on, man. Really? Look at these two! Would you want them as the face of your tag division? When I see them I change the channel. All those tattoos? Take that noise to Ink Master, go be Dave Navarro's problem. Get a grip and get a shower.

Chavo and Hernandez - Think about it… Hernandez is on his 3rd partner already. That kinda says something right there. Doesn't play well with others, dude. Well, news flash! Oversized guy that doesn't know his own strength. If those partners didn't work, guess what? Chavo isn't going to either. Not to mention you guys have already dropped the ball and lost to the current tag champs. Back of the line, boys.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle - These two will never work together as a team because secretly they hate each other. They won't say it, but they each want the glory and think they're the best. There is no team "I" in "team", yet they are both only about themselves. I ain't buying it and it ain't gonna happen. You know what letters are in "team"? "E" and "T", bro. You do the math.

Kaz and Daniels - These two need to shut up. Granted, I do indeed respect them in the ring and that they are willing to speak their mind (and make their own shirts) but bro.. They are basically Robbie E and Robbie T wannabes. But they're not as funny, don't dress as cool and will never get any women. Maybe dudes, though.



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