Paul Giamatti Interested in Batman 3

February 12, 2009

Paul Giamatti gave a brief interview recently in which he expressed interest in being involved in the third Batman film. When asked whether he'd ever consider playing the Penguin he stated, "That would be fantastic. I'd love to do that." He confessed to being a fan of the original TV series, as opposed to the comics, and said, "That’s what I grew up watching, so I never followed the more current stuff. But The Penguin would be great to do."

Giamatti would make a pretty awesome Penguin, and it looks like he's unofficially throwing his hat into the ring of potential Batman 3 villains. Of course, who knows when the third installment of this rebooted franchise will even get written. It's looking likely that director/writer Christopher Nolan will do another film before he shoots the third Batman.

Instead, he's possibly going to do a film titled Inception first, which would be about "a war for the colonization of Venus." Hmmm...that's a long ways from Gotham. But Nolan needs to sow his wild oats before he settles down and focuses on the next Batman. The man has a process. Respect it.

Source: Steve Granitz/ Getty Images