Autopsy: Quest for 200 MPH

by   August 06, 2009 at 11:26AM  |  Views: 1,767

We have saved the best for last as the season finale has Jesse James writing his name into the record books! If you have been a fan, you are in for a real treat. If you haven’t, you picked a great episode to see what Jesse is all about.

To date, he challenged the desert, challenged the cops, took on flight, and has rode just about every machine built for speed, and even one built for destruction. He has had his share of triumphs and pitfalls and has continued to dodge death, although he has picked up some bumps and bruises along the way. He has pushed his limits and tried events that even the masters of their sport have failed. Remember, unlike the pros that regularly compete in their events and have been training for years (even decades), Jesse literally has only one week to prepare. This usually consists of one or two visits to the track to try the ride out.  We know there are a few of you out there doubting Jesse’s ability and suggesting that his challenges are easy or aren’t real. If you are still a doubter, take a seat, and watch the master of speed show you who he is and how he rolls.

You already know the ending. It has been on the news in the world of speed. There are many different categories to set a world record in speed, and it is somewhat confusing. But now, Jesse can honestly say, after years of wanting to prove his ability, he has finally conquered one. And yes, he did it with ease!

Jesse James is the land-speed world record holder for a Hydrogen-powered Internal Combustion Engine car. That’s right, a car that emits almost zero emissions. He shattered the old record of 186 MPH reaching a speed of 199.7 MPH on the Mojave Desert flats on June 17th while filming the final episode of Dead Man! Chasing a dream and following a vision, he, along with his very best team of mechanics, designed the perfect vehicle for the task. His hard work and undeniable quest for speed finally showed its face as he put to rest all the doubt.

Okay, so we know he can build, and we know he can drive. What is so difficult about this feat? You try making enough horsepower using a volatile fuel that needs a crazy air-to-fuel mixture to get up and go. So where’s the element of danger and the part that gives the show its name? At speeds of over 190 MPH, a whole lot can wrong in any vehicle. At those speeds, Jesse will be covering nearly a football field every second! An explosion, engine problem, parachute failure, or any number of issues could mean serious road rash or much worse.


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