I need a Doctor Like a Hole in the Head

June 11, 2008

...for a hole in the head, rather.  George Chandler of Shawnee, Kansas was doing a little roofing with his buddy.  Then, by accident, shot himself in the skull with a nail gun. And we thought only dream inducing tornadoes and good college basketball teams happen in Kansas...

The nailgun was set off when it became “entangled with a toy.”  I don’t know a lot about nail guns, but I know an obscene amount about toys.  And one maxim I’ve always held with my toys (collectibles, now that I’m older) is that I do not entangle them with construction equipment.  The AP reports this quote from Chandler’s friend which I hope and pray to hear somebody say, one day, in real life.

Kern, 59, said he looked down and "saw the nail in his head... and immediately called 911."

They breed ‘em tough in the heartland.  And it’s not just the rough-handed journeymen that know how to take a little tempered steel to the dome.  When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor simply got a claw hammer out of the maintenance closet and yanked that sucker out.  Git ‘er done.