Ton and Allen Take To The Water In This Auction Hunters Episode Three Roundup

April 9, 2011
This week on Auction Hunters, Ton and Allen made their way down to Torrance, California, and for the Hunters, this is one of their favorite cities. Beautiful sun, great access to the ocean, and with it being a beachgoing community they’re determined to find some great maritime equipment, not to mention some nice antiques thanks to Torrance’s older population. With new episodes airing Tuesdays at 10PM/9c, it’s time to find out how they did in episode three.


Because auctions don’t happen very often in Torrance, Ton and Allen like to think of it as a bit off the beaten path for other auction hunters. For our guys, that means that this is their chance to clean up with little competition. However, no storage auction is a sure thing. It’ll still be up to them to use their best skills to come out on top.

Edison Player
Sold For: $875

Early generation record players or Victrolas have always brought the Hunters luck, and by luck, we mean money. It’s only when they spotted the name “Thomas Edison” on this early gramophone that the sound of sweet cash played for them. Over a hundred years old, this model sold for $30 at the time and was apparently Edison’s favorite invention amongst the over 1,000 that he invented.

Sold For: $2500

Popular in the mid-‘80s, these little guys were the pre-cursor to the Jet Ski. Built in Dana Point, California this Addictor 190 sold for $4,000-6,000 when it was brand new, but as always it’s only worth something if it works. It was up to Ton, yes TON, to get into the mini-boat and test it out. By the look in his eye as he pounded over the waves in this watercraft, we can say that he certainly had fun doing it.

It was these two big ticket items that went head-to-head on our weekly Facebook competition to see which of these two our fans thought would come out on top. The debate was fierce, but the overall consensus sided with the Edison Player. Just goes to show that just because something is an antique, doesn’t mean that it’s rare enough to stand.

After spending only $1,725 on the rooms, and selling the above items along with some smaller tickets items for an additional $3,450, Torrance was indeed a success for the Auction Hunters as they brought in a very respectable $5,100 in pure profit.

To catch Ton and Allen in all their Torrance action, you can now watch the episode online. Be certain to check out all new episodes airing on Spike every Tuesday at 10PM/9c. Continue to monitor Facebook for the latest Auction Hunters content and updates, and don't forget that each week you can head over to eBay and bid on items found by Ton and Allen exclusively in Season Two. New items are posted each Tuesday.