Ben Affleck Directs The Town

July 28, 2009

In what will be Ben Affleck's second directorial effort, he's getting ready to shoot The Town in September. The movie is an adaptation of Chuck Hogan's novel The Prince of Thieves, and stars Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm. It involves a bank, a thief, an FBI agent, and a funky romantic triangle. Will this top Aflleck's first film, 2007's Gone Baby Gone?

The Hollywood Reporter summarizes the story:

...the story follows the relationship between a bank manager, the career criminal (Affleck) who stole more than her heart and the dedicated FBI agent trying to bust the crook and his gang. Hamm is playing the FBI agent. Hall is the reason the criminal wants to clean up his act but also is the agent's golden ticket to catching the man.

Peter Craig, Chuck Hogan, and Affleck wrote the script together, and Matt Reilly and Jesse Ehrman are producing the Warner Bros. film.

Looks like Hamm isn't having much trouble racking up the work. His Emmys probably are helping with that, even if his first big movie, the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, didn't exactly warm the hearts of many sci-fi lovers.

Source: Kris Connor/Getty Images