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Audi Unveils Futuristic Car and No, It Can't Fly

by DannyGallagher   August 10, 2011 at 6:20PM  |  Views: 285

It doesn't matter what time we're living in or what grand new technologies are at our disposal. Mankind always wants to know what the future will look like, even if they are living in it (that would sound so poetic if it didn't simultaneously sound completely idiotic). Now Audi has come up with a futuristic design for their newest entry into the electric car arena and they are also giving an equally cool name: the Urban E-Tron Concept.

This two-seater battery powered vehicle looks like something straight out of Tomorrowland, only it doesn't have the Walt Disney logo slapped all over it. It's got racing seats for the driver and passenger, huge chrome wheels, and (the coolest part in my opinion) a roof that slides back in place of the normal side doors, like a giant eco-friendly Batmobile. So far, the design hasn't even gotten off the paper stage yet but the designs will make their debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Source: Audi