Kings of Leon Get Into a Brawl with Each Other

February 20, 2009

Apparently Kings of Leon were involved in a drunken backstage brawl with each other at the Brit Awards on Wednesday. I guess rock 'n roll isn’t dead.

Brothers Nathan, 29, Jared, 22, Caleb Followill, 27 and cousin Matthew, 24, are said to have a rocky relationship with one another. It was not really clear what started the rumble, although past tensions are said to have centered around frontman Caleb's excessive drinking.

According to the Mirror, the trouble started when Jared's girlfriend saw him speaking to a girl in Alesha Dixon's band.

From the Mirror:

An onlooker said: “Jared’s girlfriend was not happy. She went ballistic and the next minute more than 20 people had all piled into the bust-up.

“It was comical seeing little Nicole Appleton wading in to try and keep the peace. Alesha kept out of the way, but Mel Blatt thought it was hilarious.”

Our insider adds: “The lads had been tucking into the free booze and things got a bit lairy.

“They are known for having fiery relationships with their girlfriends and with each other. It wasn’t surprising there was a bit of a scrap.”

Earlier the boys unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade when they discovered they were to be interviewed by Fearne Cotton for ITV. Fortunately, Joe Calzaghe stepped in. What a pro.

Security guards were immediately called to break up the fight and bundle the four members back into their dressing room.

Source: Mark Allan/Getty Images