Mantenna - Tuesday, November 2

November 2, 2010

Kim Kardashian breaks a bone, the McRib is Mc-back and Bret Michaels is blamed for breaking up Miley Cyrus’ parents... I think, therefore I am Mantenna.

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Bret Michaels Blamed for Cyrus Breakup

Miley Cyrus’ parents recently announced they were divorcing after 17 years of marriage. At the time neither Tish nor Billy Ray Cyrus gave an explanation for the unexpected split. Now Us magazine is reporting that Poison singer and reality television star Bret Michaels is the reason. The tabloid magazine says Miley’s mom “had an affair with [the] rocker.” Michaels apparently became close to the Cyrus family after he and Miley recorded a duet together. Soon after he started “an on-the-sly romance” with Tish. As soon as Billy Ray found out about the affair he filed for divorce. Michaels and Tish Cyrus have both separately denied the affair allegation. [Us Weekly]

Kim Kardashian Breaks Her Toe

Kim Kardashian’s love of stiletto shoes has finally caught up with her. Last night the 30-year-old celebutante took a tumble in her New York City hotel room and broke her toe. Kim tweeted, “I knew my clumsiness would catch up with me at some point. I tripped on a suit case on the floor and broke my toe :-(.” The reality television star is known for her impractical footwear and was last week photographed bowling in 5-inch heels. This morning Kim tweeted that her toe “feels better,” but looks like “an unusual shade of purple.” Here’s hoping she makes a speedy recovery. [New York Daily News]

Washington Redskins Looking to get Fatter, Slower at Quarterback Position

It's no secret that the Washington Redskins have some issues at quarterback. Luckily, they're prepared to bring in the single biggest bust in (non-Ryan Leaf) NFL history to solve their problems. "NFL sources told FOX 26 Sports former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell will work out Tuesday for the Washington Redskins. Russell, the number one overall draft pick in 2007, was released by the Raiders in May. In three years as a starting quarterback in Oakland, Russell had 7-18 record. For three months, Russell has been working with former NBA head coach John Lucas in Houston in an effort to get a second chance in the NFL. Three months of hard work? How do you possibly say no to that? [FOX]

McRib Sandwich? McRib Sandwich

Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

The unicorn of fast food meat has returned with a vengence! According to Yahoo! "the McRib (which contains 26 grams of fat, FYI), will appear at every Mickey D's for six weeks." There are several web sites where people who need hobbies follow the McRib locations and various mobile applications for the fatso on the go. Check it out! [Yahoo]

Halloween Costume Goes Horribly Awry

A Penn State fan decided to dress like a Michigan student for Halloween. Obviously, he didn't think this one out. Detroit News reports that "a Penn State fan dressed as a Michigan fan for Halloween was assaulted by four men during Saturday night's Nittany Lions-Wolverines game at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pa., according to a report. Police told the Centre Daily Times in State College that the man was attacked because the assailants believed he was a Michigan fan." And they say the Big Ten isn't physical anymore. [The Detroit News]

Flash is Coming to the iPhone and iPad

A new app is set to go on sale Thursday that will finally allow iPhone and iPad users the ability to view Flash video. Skyfire is the first such application to pass Apple’s strict approval process. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has long been a critic of Flash, believing it performs poorly on mobile devices. Skyfire works by downloading Flash video to its own servers and converting it into HTML5. Skyfire then streams the video. Jeffrey Glueck, Skyfire's CEO, says, “We will attack those pesky blue Flash error messages.” Unfortunately the app won’t translate games or non-video content that run in Flash. [CNN]

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