Mantenna - Wednesday, April 22

April 22, 2009

Katy Perry parties with Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan ditches lesbianism, and why Billy Corgan wants your's the Mantenna!

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Masturbation is Down

A new study shows that masturbation is not as common as previously thought. Researchers found that 61 percent of men and only 38 percent of women between the ages of 18-60 have masturbated in the past year. According to the study, “a well-educated white male from a religiously liberal or non-religious background is the most likely profile of a masturbater, and that folks in loveless relationships are actually less, not more, likely to practice self-love.” Maybe it’s time for a masturbation bailout. [Asylum]

Rihanna and Katy Perry Hit the Beach

Rihanna has yet to make a public appearance since her bust-up with singer Chris Brown. The pop star has been keeping the paparazzi busy by jetting all over the world and hitting the beach. This week she was photographed in Barbados with gal pal singer Katy Perry. The two singers hit the beach, jumped off a boat, rode some wave runners, and soaked up the sun in their skimpy bikinis. It really is a hard-knock life for some. [The Sun]

Lindsay Lohan Ditches Lesbianism

Various reports are claiming that Lindsay Lohan recently confessed that she’s “back on men” to new best Spice Girl pal Mel B at the Las Vegas premiere of her new burlesque show. The Mirror reported that Lohan was at an after-party and “focused her attentions on a good looking young guy and the pair were quickly introduced.” The Mirror went on to say that  “after swapping numbers they were texting throughout - from opposite sides of the swimming pool.” The world is now saved. [The Fab Life]

More Michael Myers

Two new photos from the production of the upcoming Rob Zombie film H2 have surfaced -- but only one of them was supposed to. Shortly after the people who run Zombie’s MySpace page dropped these pictures onto the web one of them was quickly removed. Luckily, though, once something hits the ‘net, it’s really, really hard to suck it back in. It’s a lot like squirting out a tube of toothpaste into the ocean and then trying to stuff it all back in after the tide’s gone out. Anyway, the pictures are sweet, and one of them is particularly creepy: Michael confronting a child who’s going trick-or-treating on Halloween. Is the kid about to get it, is the kid about to accept the torch from Myers to be one of the next generation of psychos, or is the kid a hallucination? One way or another it’ll give you the heebie-jeebies. [/Film]

Billy Corgan Charges Smashing Pumpkins Fans to Access his Vlog


Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Billy Corgan and his Smashing Pumpkins have announced plans for a new subscription service that offers video updates from the studio. For $40, fans will have 12 weeks of access and at least 25 minutes of "updates" that will be posted each week. Footage will be shared within 24 hours of being recorded and will eventually assembled for a "substantial art film," according to the official website. I would rather eat 40 dollars than give it to Billy. [The Guardian]
Project Vader Makes Art Out of Star Wars

Until May 3rd at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, you can view the installment Project Vader.  The project has tapped several of the best “underground” artists in the nation and commissioned stylized Vader helmets from each of them.  The result is an intergalactic look at the very local, very specific real estate of American pop culture.  Head to Gizmodo to see the helmets. [Gizmodo]

Neil Gaiman To Write Last Batman Comic Ever

DC Comics has chosen acclaimed Sandman author Neil Gaiman to pen the last two issues of Batman ever to be published.  The story picks up where the last comic, Batman: R.I.P., leaves off, when Batman is dead and a parade of his old enemies come to his funeral to share stories, reminisce, and reveal secrets about themselves and the caped crusader.  Head over to Wired for some previews and an interview with Gaiman himself. [Wired]

High Speed Gay Sex Ends in Tragedy

A Lamborghini traveling through the streets of Moscow at over 120 mph was unsurprisingly involved in a major accident. What is surprising is the information that the 22-year-old driver was being "entertained" by his 16-year-old friend at the time. Apparently the antics distracted the driver and he lost control, careening into several other cars in traffic, including one that exploded upon impact. Shockingly, no one was killed. If you're going to wreck a Lamborghini in style, I suppose this is a pretty "spectacular" option. [Jalopnik]

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