Beating up Your Childhood Idol Can Be a Lot of Fun

December 7, 2009

As a youngster growing up in Canada, former Detroit Red Wings’ superstar Brendan Shanahan’s favorite hockey player refused to give him an autograph when the two met outside of a local hockey rink. Several years later, when Shanahan made the NHL, he beat the ever living crap out of him.

In a recent interview with some newspaper in New Jersey, Shanahan described his revenge on Toronto Maple Leafs Forward Rick Vaive, and put a little fear into every athlete who’s just a “tad too busy” to sign a card for the kids who idolize them.

The Future Hall of Famer documents that in one of his first NHL games with the New Jersey Devils, he had the “pleasure” of lining up against Vaive for a face-off.

Realizing that this was his chance to teach him a lesson, Shanahan dropped the gloves and pummeled Vaive for what appeared to be no real reason to the 18,000 fans that looked on in shock.

 “It was a quiet, uneventful game,” Shanahan told the Newark Star Ledger. “He couldn’t believe the rage I had, not only in attacking him, but it took two linesmen to restrain me afterwards and throw me in the penalty box.”

Vaive had no idea what had happened.

“He said to one of my teammates at the time, Jim Korn, ‘By the way, what’s wrong with that kid and why was he coming after me?’ ” Shanahan recalled. “Jim Korn said, ‘Apparently he asked you for an autograph when he was a little kid and you weren’t that friendly to him. So he’s harbored those feelings since then.’ ”

Brendan Shanahan just became my new favorite ex-player.

Source: Greg Forwerck/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images