Matt Damon is the Next Robert Kennedy

February 24, 2010

Matt Damon is potentially attached to a new movie about Robert Kennedy, which is going to be based on the biography by Evan Thomas titled His Life. At this point Damon won't officially sign on the dotted line until he sees the script, but since Steven Knight, the guy who wrote Eastern Promises, is penning the thing, it's likely to be a great script.

Deadline Hollywood has the scoop, and they tell us that Gary Ross (Seabiscuit) will be directing. This seems like a pretty perfect part for Damon -- we at least know he won't have any problem with the accent:

The film will trace RFK's transformation from the younger brother in the shadow brother President John F Kennedy to a strong national leader in his own right before he was gunned down in 1968. ...Ross, too, has long been fascinated with Kennedy and once optioned the Thomas book himself.

This seems like a great set of people. The only person amongst the trio of talent who has yet to really prove himself (beyond directing Tobey Maguire atop horses) is Ross, but it sounds like he has a vested interest in the material; he's not just a director-for-hire.

This also sounds like it has Oscar potential written all over it. People never get sick of watching movies about the Kennedys, and seeing as Emilio Estevez's film about RFK's assassination, Bobby, didn't get tons of notice, the material is still there to make a fresh movie.

It seems like every ten years someone feels the need to make another film about JFK or RFK, but with Matt Damon playing Robert Kennedy this time around we might actually get a film that's both insightful and extremely entertaining.

I wonder if they could somehow make RFK a highly-trained government operative in this movie. Then it really would be an entertaining movie.

Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS/Getty Images