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10 Politicians Who Kicked Ass...Literally

by DannyGallagher   November 03, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 464

5. Mark Latham


Source: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Admit it. If photographers hounded you day and night, you'd want to show them what their ass looked like with their own eyes. That still doesn't mean you should because after all, they are carrying cameras. Oh and because it's immoral and illegal and against God's will and such. Former leader of the Australian Labor Party Mark Latham had been photographed eating in a restaurant with his kids when he snatched the camera out of the photographer's hands. When the photographer demanded it back, he punched him (presumably because the camera was no longer in the way of his fist) and smashed the camera into pieces.

4. Miroslav Macek

There are very few living definitions of irony in the real world. Beating your health minister, however, is one of them. Former Czech Republic Deputy Prime Minster Miroslav Macek got into a heated war of words with then Health Minister David Rath that came to a head at, of all places, a dentistry convention, the largest annual gathering of pain production in the world. Rath was accused of insulting Macek's wife, so Macek addressed these rumors on stage by walking behind Rath and smacking him in the back of the head with the palm of his hand at full speed. The two got into it on stage with Rath walking away from Macek's line-item blows.

3. Preston Brooks


Source: Adam B. Walter

If you thought Joe Wilson's impromptu rendition of Mystery Science Theater 3000 during President's Obama recent address to Congress was over the line, you probably slept through history class. During the height of the slavery debate, U.S. Representative Preston Brooks from South Carolina had a little disagreement with fellow representative Charles Sumner in 1856 over a speech Sumner made railing against slavery and its supporters. Brooks decided to express his disagreement by calmly walking to Sumner's desk on the floor of the House, taking out his cane and beating him over the head with it so hard that Sumner's skull snapped the cane in two. Brooks wasn't ejected or impeached from the Senate for committing first-degree assault. Instead, he resigned and was re-elected with only six dissenting votes against him.

2. Lee Mun Chung


Source: SPIKE TV

U.S. politics certainly isn't the most rotten apple in the barrel when you look at how Taiwan defines civil debating, a country that has an average of 3.2 fights breaking out on the floor of the Legislature every week. This representative turned a heated debate over a national lottery into a full-fledged wildfire by starting of a fight consisting of himself and the entire friggin' Legislature.

The legislature's prime minister refused to let the opposition speak even after some of his party members staged a sit-in on the floor of the Senate (making it the most useless form of protest since the Olsen Twins vowed to go on a hunger strike). Everything was peaceful until Chung chucked a stack of papers at the legislative leader and let his fists stage a filibuster against the prime minister's face. No further records could be found of Mr. Chung's record of having served in the Taiwanese Senate following this incident, but keep an eye out on the next Ultimate Fighter for him.

1. Earl Long


Source: Don Cravens/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Part of me is sad that politicians like the former Louisiana Governor aren't still around. They would make every political debate more watchable than a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot in Antarctica.  The brother of legendary Louisiana Governor and Senator Huey Long was well known his gold car membership in the fight club. He got into plenty of scrappings in his day and had a particularly mean penchant for biting that made Mike Tyson and Marv Albert seem grounded. He once bit off a man's finger clean off in a fight and as he stumped for lieutenant governor, he actually attacked his opponent during a debate and sunk his teeth in his throat, giving him a severe case of lockjaw. However, he still got elected three times, continuing Louisiana's long-standing tradition of nominating and electing complete wackjobs to the state's highest offices.